Residential Tree Care

We love our trees here at Florida Groundskeeper and we bring that passion to your front yard. Trees are often the center pieces of beautiful home landscapes. Since trees can help raise property value, we understand it is important to homeowners that their trees are healthy and vibrant.

Expert Care Every Time

Our arborists have extensive knowledge of tree health and care. Whether you need just a quick trim, limb removal or a nutrient deficiency corrected, our team is ready to help. We make it our business to take care of your trees so that you don’t have to worry.

Regular maintenance is important for landscaped trees. While tree maintenance can include many different things depending on your species, we can break it down into a couple essential parts: Pruning and Tree Trimming.

Tree Care and Pruning Services

Trees create a beautiful, lively aesthetic to every home. From palm trees to dog woods and everything in between, our team takes the time to prune each with the health and shape of the tree in mind.

As living things, trees will grow to fit the environment in which it lives. A lot of sunlight, water and space can mean big, lush foliage. Many people believe that pruning is an action used only on bushes and flowering plants. The truth is pruning tree is just as important as pruning other plants. Pruning, helps control the shape of the branches while promoting healthy leaf growth and structure. Flowering trees need to be properly pruned regularly to ensure healthy, vibrant blooms. It is also the best way to keep your trees looking fresh and lush- the best in the neighborhood.

Regular Tree Pruning Benefits

  • Shape Canopy
  • Keep leaves healthy
  • Promote new growth
  • Ensure flowering

Tree Trimming Services

Whether you hand-watered a tree from a sapling or were just lucky enough to adopt a massive overgrown tree on your property, we’re here to help.

Tree trimming is not only important to plant growth, but to the safety of your home and family as well. In Florida, we experience dangerous storms every year. Unmaintained trees can drop branches or even fall completely over. Fallen branches and trees can lead to damaged homes or vehicles. Scheduling regular tree maintenance allows our team to determine is your trees are a potential safety hazard.

Regular Tree Trimming Benefits

  • Tidy up the yard
  • Protect property
  • Remove unsafe branches
  • Keeps your tree healthy

Despite our best efforts, there will be times when a tree is just not good to keep around. When it’s time for a tree to make its way to the mulcher, you can count on Florida Groundskeeper’s Tree Removal services.

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The Florida Groundskeeper Promise

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


Florida Groundskeeper is committed to doing the right thing and treating our clients ethically.


Florida Groundskeeper uses only healthy plants, shrubs, and trees in our landscaping projects.


The Florida Groundskeeper is fully licensed and insured for the protection of our crew and clients.


Our crew is trained to operate safely and efficiently while caring for your property.

Clean & Tidy

We leave your property looking better than we found it, every time, without exception.

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Florida Groundskeeper offers stunning hardscape installation and design services. With the right design you can transform your grounds into a stunning fusion of stone and foliage.

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Landscape Design

Design can really make the difference in the curb appeal of a home. It’s more than just plants and mulch. Florida Groundskeeper offers incredible landscape design to emphasize the beauty of your home.

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Tree Care

We love our trees here at Florida Groundskeeper and we bring that passion to your front yard. Trees are often the center pieces of beautiful home landscapes, and our team can help keep them healthy and vibrant.